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My Services

My experience in media agencies in both business and HR functions, together with skills in coaching, mentoring, training and facilitation, help businesses achieve their business goals with more clarity and speed.


I deliver practical, interactive and engaging workshops to help businesses improve their communication,  business  and management & leadership skills at all levels. 

Workshops are designed so that delegates can  develop tools and techniques to easily implement  in the workplace


The world of work  is changing at a rapid rate and delivering greater challenges as well as potential rewards.

Due to this the focus on coaching to help individuals to develop and grow as they transition into new roles is crucial. Coaching helps create focus and can provide a clear action plan with meaningful objectives.


I partner with clients to build aligned strategies to help them achieve their strategic and business goals.  Through ensuring vision is embedded into processes you will create a good work environment that encourages high performance.

Kevin Grant

Managing Director

Emma has been providing guidance to the directors and senior managers of FNT Logistics whilst they have been building an enhanced management team. In this capacity, her confident and non-combative approach has helped us deal with differences in opinions on the purpose and direction of this task. By bringing her extensive experience of larger organisations into a smaller organisation such as ourselves, she has proven invaluable to the task in hand.

Emma has been a pleasure to work with and I would without hesitation recommend her to prospective clients.

What my clients are saying

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