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About Me

I am a Leadership and management development trainer and coach with over 20 years experience working in advertising., media, PR and other client centric businesses.

I have set up and run Learning and development functions within this field and throughout my career I have been recognised for ensuring development activities are designed to meet real business challenges, while contributing to business success. In recognition of my achievements, I have been awarded the IPA CPD Gold for 8 years running, as well as holding IPA CPD Platinum for 4 consecutive years.

I combine a dynamic and engaging facilitation style with the ability to both support and challenge to accelerate personal growth and professional development.

I hold an MA in Social Anthropology, and am an experienced executive coach. In my spare time I can be found travelling, reading, cooking and horse riding.

I started my career as Media Planner/Buyer in media agencies, progressing to run pieces of business such as Ford, Nokia and Shell. After a decade of working on client business, I explored my passion for developing other people and retrained as a coach. I soon diversified into working in the Learning and Development field where I thrive on developing initiatives to support, engage and challenge others to become the best versions of themselves.

Most recently, I have been working in a number of organisations designing and delivering a variety of programmes including leadership development, management practices, change initiatives and team effectiveness

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